How To Receive Kairali TV ?


Today millions of Malayalees reside in the Gulf countries and to all these expatriate Malayalee families, Kairali Channel is a very dear and intimate friend, very close to their heart, presenting to them the nostalgia and linguistic flavour of their home land with all its artistic and cultural values honed to perfection.

Kairali is India's truly Peoples channel with over 250,000 shareholders and with a unique and dedicated viewership of millions of viewers. More than fifty percent ie over 125,000 of the Kairali shareholders are NRIs spread all over the world

Kairali has international reach spanning from Australia to Europe and is available in the entire GCC countries including Kuwait. Kairali is also available in UAE and Qatar through the state owned television networks like E-Vision and QCV apart from thousands of individual home dishes. Naturally Kairali commands a high fidelity dedicated viewership both in India and abroad.

For the first time ever, Kairali TV was the trial blazer to turn the digital -analogue fusion technology in to mission for the masses. Employing completely digital devices to uplink, the channel ensures pixel-perfect picture quality. But to facilitate wider reach and universal viewership, signals are available in Digital format.

The Kairali Digital Transmission has a very wide foot print spanning from Australia to Europe including North Africa and Gulf countries.

If you already have a Home Dish and Receiver, all that you have to do is to point your satellite to Intelsat Satellite at 66 degrees East Longtitude Intelsat - 17 (IS 17) and thereafter tune in the following in to your Digital Receiver.

Now, Tune your Digital Receiver with the following parameters one by one






  Intelsat –17 (IS-17)


  Orbital Location

  66 Degree East Longitude


  Frequency Band

  C Band


  Downlink frequency

  4015.0 MHZ


  Symbol Rate

  30 MSPS (30000ksps)


  Downlink Polarization




  ¾ (.75)









  Mpeg 4

Service ID
Service Name Video PID AudioPID 1 Audio 2 COMPRESSION
7  KAIRALI  701  702 NA Mpeg 4
8  PEOPLE  801  802 NA Mpeg 4
9  WE  901  902 NA Mpeg 4
HELP DESK : Call +91 471 2386645
Kindly make sure that your downlink receiver support DVB-S2

If you do not have a Dish System in hand you are advised to procure the following equipment to tune and lock into Kairali TV

(1) An 8 or 10 feet Metallic or Fibre Glass Dish (The Satellite Dish will normally come with a LNB (Low Noise Block) fixed to it.)

(2) A Digital Receiver (which will normally have the capability of 80 to 100 Channels.