Kairali is India’s truly Peoples channel with over 2,50,000 shareholders and with a unique and dedicated viewership of millions of viewers.

Kairali has international reach spanning from Australia to Europe and is available in the entire GCC countries including Kuwait. Kairali is also available in UAE and Qatar through the state owned television networks like E-Vision and QCV apart from thousands of individual home dishes. Naturally Kairali commands a high fidelity dedicated viewership both in India and abroad.

Today millions of Malayalees reside in the Gulf countries and to all these expatriate Malayalee families, Kairali Channel is a very dear and intimate friend, very close to their heart, presenting to them the nostalgia and linguistic flavour of their home land with all its artistic and cultural values honed to perfection.

Kairali’s State of the art Studio Complex with four shoot floors at Trivandrum is the largest shooting facility in South India.

Kairali also has on Online News Studio from where Live News is directly uplinked. All the Kairali studios deploy top of the line digital equipment for programme acquisition, production, post production, editing and compositing of programmes. The Primary Digital format is BETACAM – SX and for News acquisition it is Video Server.

At the Main Studio Floor Kairali has a large deployment of Digital professional cameras, like Sony DNW 90 P Betacams x, Sony DXC-D-35, CCUs and Online Multicam Edit facilities (DFS-700) and professional grade Sony DNW series Digital Recorders. The Studios are also equipped with full fledged lighting arrangements with HMI, Tungsten and Cool Lights. The shoot floors are also equipped with Track and Trolley and Crane facilities.

Kairali has Live News Studio at Delhi, Kochi, Trissur, Palakkad, Kozhikkod and Kannur. the uplink center is at Kochi. The News Bureaus all over Kerala is connected to the central News Hub at Trivandrum. Similarly special Gulf bulletins and current affairs programmes are also relayed to the Main News Centre at Trivandrum. The Hourly Bulletins are broadcast from the LIVE News Studio. The News Wing is specially equipped with Sony DVCAM (DV-300) Cameras and Mini DVCAM cameras for field News acquisition.

The News Studio is also equipped with Sony D-35 Digital Cameras, CCU and RCP and the sophisticated Graphic equipments, Dekos and Sony Digital Play out Recorders and Players.

An Intelsat transponder has been locked in with VSNL, Mumbai for Digital transmissions in Intelsat’s most popular Satellite APR-1 (Insat-2E, 83 Degrees East). This satellite transponder ensures wide footprint and signal strength to preserve the quality and perfection of the programme. And Kairali channel is up linked by VSNL , Chennai. The footprint of the satellite is available on request.

Highly experienced and eminent professionals and experts in the fields of television and visual media head and lead every facet of production and every stream of the channel’s operation.
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